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Well, because I don't update my LJ at ALL. I'm gonna do the lazy thing, and copy random entries from my blog or vox :3

Here's the first copy(from my blog entry on 3rd Nov 2007 XD):


Film Review!! ~ Yellow Tears(Kiiroi Namida)

Okay, I feel like reviewing a film for you folks out there! So, I've chosen Kiiroi Namida. Here goes:

This is a story about four people. Like every normal person, they too have dreams of their own. An aspiring comic artist, a singer, a painter and an aspiring novelist, came to live together in a small apartment.

For the time that they spent together, they experienced the ups and down of life. They suffered disappointments, and had difficult decision-makings..and felt each other's highs and lows.

This is a story where one learns when one must give up on one's dreams, to give up and realise a dream is just a dream..


I've got a bone to pick with this movie. It's supposed to be a movie where all the Arashi members act..And sure, they all acted.

But Matsujun's total appearance POSSIBLY amounts to less than 5 minutes in TOTAL.

Overall not a bad story though. I'll pay to watch perhaps, but I won't pay to buy...maybe because the ending wasn't satisfactory enough for me? NO, it certainly hasn't anything to do with Jun's less than satisfactory appearance time.

Oh and Arashi does NOT look like idols at all in here..in fact Malay would say they look like slengeh(however you spell that)..Here's a trailer, see for yourself:

But yeah, do watch^^ the songs the aspiring singer sings are nice. Considering the era(periodic era I believe) this was set on anyway.

Here's a song, although all the Arashi members sang in it..Namida no Nagareboshi:-




I've Been Thinking...

I doubt anyone's gonna read this...but still I think it's a pretty well-thought thing.

This issue about Sho X Jun..

Many fans have noticed how these two have never provided fanservice together. I mean you see Sho x Nino, Sho x Aiba and even just a bit of Sho x Ohno, Jun x Nino, Jun x Ohno, Jun x Aiba etc, but never have we seen Sho x Jun.

I have come to a conclusion!!

Sho and Jun are the most manly in Arashi, *cough* but yeah, I stick to this. They're both straightforward semes, so it'll be weird to see them fanservicing together. You must notice that Jun is seme in all other pairings, and Sho is seme in all other pairings too. Ohno, Aiba and Nino doesn't mind being seme or uke, Aiba somehow being the most uke..somehow...XD

But see, when it comes to Sho & Jun, they both fight for the seme roles. So they've settled down to seeing each other as equals.

So it's only when one of them can finally back down and assume the role of uke for a while, then we can see these two together(both are stubborn people).

And what do you know? One of them finally did! We'll be seeing this pretty soon!


What do you think of my theory? XD

Furuba reactions

Well I was reading furuba and I just can't hold back my reactions. It's quite random really, and you won't understand, but I'll put my reactions down right here as I continue reading...

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Under a Spell?

My obsession for Matsujun is stronger than ever. It has really struck me hard. Just the other day I was watching Utawara, and of course my eyes was stuck on Matsujun, as in my eyes will automatically look at him and stay on him, and I realised that, and shook my head quickly, then I felt a snap out of my head, as if I just broke out of a spell.

I found out the woman who looked masculine is called Wada Akiko. And somehow, the name really strikes me familiar, though I can't remember from where o.o;

JE Survey

Ok, please keep in mind that I made this up XD And...I'm just spamming without thinking...


Johnny's Entertainment decided to do a survey on its members. Thus several unfortunate, busy people happened to pass by as they were handing out the surveys.

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