silverfa (silverfa) wrote,

Number 1 Fan (Drabble)

Drabble for the Sakumoto comm that I wrote a while back


"So, Seishiro-kun, I hear that you are a big fan of Sakurai Sho from Arashi," the tall nice-looking lady interview asked the boy with a smile as they sat across each other.

"Yes! It's an honor for me to be invited on their show today. I've been watching their shows a lot!" Seishiro replied, beaming at the interviewer.

"And you'd like to grow up to be like Sakurai Sho right?"

"Yup! I'm his number 1 fan ever! I don't think he has any other guy fans who like him as much as I do-"


The interview wrapped up very shortly after that last statement, and the promising child actor, Kato Seishiro, got up and exited the room in search of his manager.

As soon as he got out of the room, he felt someone rap on his head.
Not in an unkind manner, he felt, rather, it was more like a stern, strict feeling, something like that of an older brother who'd scold you if you did something wrong. That person said,

"Too naive, kid."

Before the boy could protest or say anything at all, the person had walked away.

Seishiro turned around in time, to his puzzlement, to see Arashi's Matsumoto Jun walk around the corner.


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