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In the Changing Room - Chapter 7

Story Title: In the Changing Room
Chapter: 7
Chapter Title: Year 2003 Begins


Year 2003.

Matsumoto Jun had gone through a lot of changes barely halfway through the year. He had permed his hair, participated in a romance drama for the first time, did his first real on-screen kiss. Heck, he might have even grown a bit taller, although he wasn't too sure.

"Are you certain you want to try this drama?" His manager had asked him, for about the third time the week before they announced his casting role in Kimi Wa Petto. He had replied,

"Yes, please allow me to do so."

The manager hesitated for a while, and seemed to think deeply, before coming up with a decision,

"Well, I suppose this will be good for your publicity so..."


Matsujun had changed, Ohno thought. He had matured beyond what he had thought possible. It was strange and unsettling to see such a drastic change in a very short period of time.

To Ohno, Matsujun was someone that he felt he needed to look after, because that guy often gives off the sense of being alone, being neglected.

He decided that he will keep a closer eye on the youngest member of the group, for now.


Should I go for number 1 or number 3 next? Both seems difficult...

Click. Nino tapped on his gameboy restlessly. Click.

This is freaking hard. He sighed. He had been sitting in that same stance on his bed for a good 10 minutes without coming up with anything. Nino had always prided himself in being a quick thinker.

Click. Click. Click.

Click. His bedroom door opened revealing his sister, holding a box, containing a bottle of perfume(which Nino knew well enough) in one hand, glaring at him accusingly.



"You know I went through the trouble of buying this perfume for you. Why then, did I find it in my wastepaper basket?"

"Because I thought you might find it there," came his nonchalant reply.

"Tch. If you don't like the smell, get used to it. I bought it with money." She tossed it on his bed and left his room. Nino stared at it. He had a suspicion that his sister purposely bought a scent that he didn't like, just for the heck of it.


He smiled.


Jun's cellphone rang in the middle of the night, rousing Jun from his slumber. He grumbled and looked drowsily at his cellphone, ringing persistently on his bedhead, willing it to shut up. It had been a tiring day, and he would have very much like to have some rest.

It stopped ringing. Jun flung his blanket over him as he settled down to get back to sleep.

Just as he was entering into a bubble of dreams, his phone rang again, popping his bubble rudely. Jun threw his blanket aside, mumbling incoherently, as he fumbled to pick up his cellphone.

"Hello?" A familiar voice said at the other end. Jun sleepily tried to grasp at his memory as to who it was. "Hello? Jun-kun?"

"Please look at the time." Jun said accusingly, as he scanned through his mind tiredly, trying to come up with the name that went along with the voice at the other end of the line, without success.

"Ohhh, I know, sorry. Just a quick one. I need advice."


"You see, I made this agreement with this person I played with in an online game. He told me that if I want to join his group, I have to agree to a certain set of rules of in-game conduct set by him. But he had been breaking those rules himself."

Nino paused to make sure that Jun had not fallen back asleep.

"Are you following me so far?"

"...Not really-"

"Okay good. What do you think I should do?"

"Why don't you just quit and find another group?"

"I could..."

"Or just break whatever rules he set anyway. After all, the agreement is void once he breaks his rules himself."

"Ahh, so you think so too?" Jun wondered if it was just his imagination, or his exhaustion, because his caller seemed to sound triumphant for a moment there. His caller continued, "You agree that an agreement is void once the person who sets the conditions breaks them himself?"

"Of course. It's only fair!" Jun replied irritably, wanting to get back to sleep. "What kind of game are you playing anywa-"

"Thanks!" Click. Jun blinked and waited, before realising the person at the other line had already hung up. He cursed for a short while, then went back to sleep.


Sorry for the wait! Been terribly busy, overworked and uninspired lately! >_<


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