silverfa (silverfa) wrote,

A 'G' Sakumoto Drabble =_= (On whip cream & secrets)

Rhi from Arashi Forum found this prompt generator here and introduced it to us. So we had a drabble marathon. I'm putting mine up here too XD

::: ripped  from my forum entry :::

Believe it or not, my first try and I got this =_=

Pairing: Jun/Sho
Rating: G
Inclusive of: whip cream, secrets, secrets

Oh, the HORROR. A 'G' SAKUMOTO fanfic. As if that wasn't bad enough, a G sakumoto fanfic which includes WHIP CREAM and SECRETS.


"Umm, Sakurai-kun. I know you wanted to make a cake as a surprise for the rest of Arashi as a 10th year anniversary thing but-"


"You're messing up my kitchen dammit. Why are you even doing this with me?? I'm Arashi too."

Sho pouted,

"It can't be helped. I wanted to do it myself, and surprise all FOUR of you. I had another quarrel with my mum when I tried to use the oven there and she kicked me out. You're the only one I can think of that can cook properly and show me how to do it, AND have a kitchen which I can use."

Jun glared at him, and flung out his arms expressively, as if to point out the whole kitchen to his bandmate.

"Well you're not exactly learning very well. I said, mix the batter until its smooth, NOT drop it all over my kitchen floor. Clean up." Jun ordered him, with arms folded.

Still pouting, Sho placed the bowl of batter on the table and reached out to pick up the cleaning cloth that was an arm's length away. Spotting a bottle of whipped cream near the cloth, he picked it up too.

"Say, Matsujun. About this-"

"Don't touch it."

"No you see, I couldn't get it to work the last time I attempted to bake-"

"Put it down."

"No look, I'll show you."Before Jun could stop him, Sho shook the bottle vigorously, and then pressed on the spray, to show his point. Predictably, foams of whipped cream sprayed out of the bottle...and decorated Matsujun's expensive-looking shirt.


For the second time that day, Sho found himself kicked out of a house, but this time, wearing a deep red mark of Matsujun's handprint on his sorely aching back.

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