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In the Changing Room - Chapter 5

Title: In the Changing Room - Chapter 5
Chapter Title: Photoshoot


"Okay guys, I need you to emit an aura that goes along with the mood of the setting. Please stand by." The photographer told them as he adjusted his lens.

Jun shifted uncomfortably in his pose. No matter how he looked at it, that guy was already breaking rule number 2. He could feel eyes boring through the back of his head. Asshole.

The camera clicked and flashed. "Okay change."

The younger man turned a bit to his right, where this particular groupmate was standing from behind, hoping that the other groupmate posing with them, Ohno, who stood a little distance away, won't hear, and then muttered through gritted teeth,

"Number 2." No response. He turned a bit more.

"Number 2."

Sho blinked. He thought he heard Matsujun say something.

"Eh?" He whispered back.

"Number 2, are you deaf?!"

Ohno turned to face Jun with a puzzled look. Jun shot him a smile and shook his head. Ohno slowly turned back. Jun turned to glare at Sho. Sho blinked once, then twice, and a third time.

"Oh! Um! " He quickly turned away from Jun, to face in the same direction as Ohno.

"Okay!" said the cameraman. "Ready? Here we go again!"


Nino was watching their photoshoot, drinking iced lemon tea as he sat down on a stool a good distance behind the cameraman. He had already finished his part of the photoshoot, having been partnered with Aiba.

Jun noticed him as he came out of the set, having finished his solo shoot. Jun could recognise that knowing look he was wearing on his face even 10 miles apart.

Oh dammit. Does he know about the contract too?? What DOESN'T that guy know about?

He chose to sit down beside Nino. Nino passed him his glass of drink, in which, Jun took a swig off it, before returning it back. He gripped the edges of his chair as he got ready for Nino to start his usual rally of blunt, straightforward comments.

It didn't come. In fact Nino did not even mutter a single word to him. They just drank in silence as they await the photoshoot to wrap up. Jun was a little puzzled at the unusual behaviour, and stole a glance at Nino.

He was smirking. That bastard is smirking. He didn't say anything, but he sat there looking like the smug, impish brat he was. Nino noticed Jun looking at him. He turned to face Jun, and smiled even wider.

Just that look was enough to remind him of the past events. He could feel heat slowly rising up his cheeks as Nino looked on.

"Oh, damn you Nino."

Jun stood up abruptly and left.


Sho was tempted to bash his head against the nearest wall as he walked behind Aiba, as all the members of Arashi walked out of the studio to head back towards their room. That was just plain stupid of me!

"Sho-chan?" Aiba was looking at him as he adjusted his pace to walk beside Sho. "What's up?"

"Huh? Oh. N-nothing." Aiba tilted his head in confusion, but then shrugged it off. Now here was one guy who doesn't know anything that happened. Sho sighed in relief.

"Well, if you have problems, you can always come to me. I'm not the best advisor around, but I might be able to tell you a thing or two about girls..."  Aiba continued nonchalantly.

"W-what?! N-no! It's not a girl problem..."

"No? But...hmmm... " Aiba looked at him doubtfully. "Well, if you say so..."

It's a guy problem. No way in hell can I say that! Sho thought to himself. But... it might be a relief to have someone(other than Nino) to talk to... even if he IS a bit clueless...
From that day onwards, Sho began to hang out with Aiba more often... and the memories of the misdeed he did before gradually grew faint with the time that passes by...


There! Happy New Year all!! What are your resolutions this year? :)


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