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In the Changing Room - Chapter 4

Title: In the Changing Room - Chapter 4
Chapter Title: Contract


As Nino had predicted, the staff talked to Jun about his recent behaviour. Reprimanded, more like. Funny, they had no need to. Jun thought. He had already decided what to do.

In fact, the previous night, the whole group had gathered together to discuss about the concert. Jun had wanted to consider what's the best approach to make the whole experience better for the audience.

The responses from the members were however...less than satisfactory. Ohno had been nodding off after half an hour into the conversation. Nino yawned often with the occasional unenthusiastic 'yes, yes'. Aiba, had completely gone into outerspace; you can see him nodding enthusiastically, but his mind was no longer with you.

Only Sho had bothered to listen to him properly, and contributed to his suggestions seriously, which made Matsujun wondered whether he had another motive in mind, yet at the same time, he was relieved that AT LEAST someone in the group was contributing.

By the time the conversation had ended for the night, and the others had trudged out of his room, he had made up his mind. He was going to settle things once and for all with Sho. They were the only two can lead the group to improvise on their concerts at that moment, and also, Matsujun wanted to prove to Nino that he WAS a professional. At any cost.


A stash of papers were slapped down onto the table in front of Sho, who jerked back, startled. He looked up and saw Matsujun standing next to him with a grim, determined look on his face.

"W-what's this?"

"Read it." Matsujun sat in front of him, on the other side of the table. Both of them were again alone, in a changing room, but this time, it was at an arena for their concert tour. Sho took up the topmost paper and read out loud.

"I, Sakurai Sho swear that-" Sho glanced up at Jun, who signalled him to continue reading. He looked back at the paper again. "-swear that what happened a few months back will be kept a secret forevermore. I will also swear that I will no longer give in to my- my temporal sexual whims??" He lowered the paper to look at Matsujun again, with bewildered eyes. Matsujun gave him a cool glare.

"-and thus avoiding repeating the same incident. I also swear to abide by the following rules." Sho took a deep breath and began,

"One. No touching. Two. No looking."


"Four. No lustful thoughts. Five. Stay as far away from me as possible."

"What a kid, this guy!" Nino was laughing so hard, he had rolled onto his back, on the sofa, kicking his legs into the air, as he finished repeating his favourite parts of the rules on the contract Jun made Sho sign. Sho stood stiffly as he looked on while Nino was obviously thoroughly enjoying himself reading the paper.

"I'm glad someone finds this amusing." Sho muttered.

"Well done Sho-kun. You've created a monster."


"I would most certainly like to see you guys try keep this contract thing during photoshoots."

"Shut up, Nino."




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