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In the Changing Room - Chapter 3

Title: In the Changing Room - Chapter 3
Chapter Title: Change
Rating: G?

Author's Note: I'm on a roll today cos I'm freakin bored.


Ohno didn't understand why lately Matsujun had been sticking close to him rather than to Sho. He didn't understand why Jun would rather stick with him who can't really interact with other people.

Ohno sighed and decided to stop thinking. Thinking is an awfully hard job... It's alright, Matsujun's a good boy.


Sho's resolve to change was harder to keep than he thought. As expected, changing one's self didn't come so easily.

But he's changing slowly. Little by little, step by step. He started paying more attention to the others when they talk, to Matsujun in particular. He would try to respond accordingly. To answer him accordingly.


Matsujun had thrown himself completely into his work. He stopped thinking about others, and at some point he became thoroughly selfish and bad-tempered. All he was thinking was that he wanted to prove, prove, prove. The only time he ever toned down was when he was by Ohno's side, a calming presence in the group. He felt safe and guarded by his side, avoiding the nervous glances Sho kept giving him whenever Arashi was shooting together.

Nino didn't really want to do it, because he thought that this whole thing was rather tiresome, but he confronted Jun one evening anyway. He had asked Jun out for dinner, just the two of them, at a sushi bar.

When Nino was on his 5th sushi, he began, 

"So, Jun-kun."

"Unn?" Jun's mouth was stuffed with sushi as he looked up at Nino.

"Why the recent bad temper?"

Jun stopped chewing, lowering his eyelids back down.  A tinge of pink tinted his pale cheeks. Nino tapped his fingers impatiently on the table. Jun fought to swallow his sushi, taking a swig from his glass of water. Nino waited before he continued,

"The staff has been talking you know, about how you've changed. I think they are going to give you a thorough talking-to if you don't improve your behaviour."

"Mind your own business Nino," came the reply. Nino drummed his fingers on the table even more impatiently still before leaning closer to Jun, and whispered in his ear fiercely,

"Look, I know he was an ass, but he's regretting it, and he's trying to change for the better! Why are YOU changing for the worse, of all the people, geez!"

Jun choked and stared at Nino. Nino was glowering at him. Jun paled, when he realised what Nino meant, and almost as quickly, turned a startling bright red, when he realised that Nino KNEW what happened.


Nino leaned back to his original position, reached for another sushi and gave him a 'You can't lie to the Ninomiya Kazunari' look while he ate. Jun bit his lip. He could feel his face still burning from humiliation.

"Why-how?" he stammered. Nino ignored his question and continued,

"Jun, you are supposed to be a professional. Don't let a personal matter get to you and ruin the whole group. Arashi is one. Put aside the personal matters before you ruin us." Nino finished his drink, got up and left.

Jun was left deep in his thoughts. He remained in that state, until he slowly, finally got up and realised that Nino had left without paying his bill. Intentionally, of course.

I swear I'll make the story pick up a bit. I'm just typing what my fingers made me type. XD


Tags: fic, in the changing room, sakumoto

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