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In the Changing Room - Chapter 2

Title: In the Changing Room - Chapter 2
Chapter Title: Nino Enters
Rating: ...I don't know. PG.
Note: This was set many years ago, during their A Day In Our Life period, inspired by the Utaban episode where Sho complained about Jun calling him at 4am in the morning =D It's my first fic, so don't stone me, ok? XD ---

Matsujun dashed blindly down the corridors, his eyesight had blurred as tears he fought so hard to hold back started to stream down his cheeks.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Stop. Stop crying Matsujun. It isn't very manly. He slowed down and headed for the washroom.


Nino wasn't sure what to make of this situation. When he had headed back for his Gameboy, which he had accidentally left in his hurry to get home, he certainly didn't expect to see such a scenario.

He had been heading for the changing room, and had nearly reached when the door slammed open and Matsujun ran out of the room, nearly colliding into him, face down, clothes and hair unkempt. Looking as if he had been pushed down, rather, in Nino's honest opinion.

Nino decided not to think much of it, and entered the room. Here was another sight he hadn't really expected. Sho sitting slumped on the sofa looking depressed. He had looked up quickly when Nino entered, but then looked away again when he saw who it was. Even an idiot could put two and two together, and Nino was no idiot.

"Yo. Have you seen my Gameboy?"

"Game...boy?" Came the reply, slow, as if Sho wasn't really registering what he said. Nino tsk-ed impatiently and began his search for his Gameboy. It can't be that difficult to find.

Silence ensues, excluding the sound of Nino moving papers away from the table, in his search for the gameboy.

"Sho-kun..." Nino began casually, as he searched the room, his eyes focused on his task ahead of him.

"Hmm?" said Sho, without so much as a glance towards Nino.

"Dude, did you jilt him or did he jilt you?"

Sho snapped out of his trance-like state with a jolt, as he turned to face Nino.

"W-what are you saying?!"

"Oh! There it is!" Nino's hand dived for his Gameboy,  which apparently had been kept nicely in a drawer. Probably one of the staff people kept it there. He then straightened up and sat opposite of Sho.

He said nothing, but gave Sho a meaningful, rather knowing look, that made Sho wriggle uncomfortably. It was the sort of look which tells you that you shouldn't lie to the Ninomiya Kazunari, because he knows everything anyway.


Jun had washed his face thoroughly, over and over and over. But his eyes and nose were still red. What could he do about them?


The Sho that he admired and respected so much. The look that he gave to Jun when he pushed him down. It was a hungry, lustful look, a look that promises things beyond the realm of Jun's knowledge... and it terrifed Jun. Sure he had kissed a girl before, but he had never thought of anything beyond that.

Jun's brain was all muddled up. He never really thought that he liked a guy, he REFUSE to think that he was the type of person who liked a guy, having been raised by a strict family, but right now...

He knew. He knew that Sho had never viewed him as anything more than a small boy. A boy which followed him everywhere like a puppy. He followed him anyway, because he believe in devoting himself to a person he admires.

But... Even when the older boy has pushed him down earlier, he knew that Sho was just giving in to his rising desires. It could be anyone. Anyone. Sho had never looked at him properly, never tried to look at Jun as another person.

Jun laughed bitterly. He was screwed. His whole being was screwed. He no longer knew what he likes and what he doesn't. No, he will prove to Sakurai-kun one day. He will make him look properly at him as a person.

He will show him. Show him that Matsujun is not just someone you should screw around with.  And maybe, prove to himself that he did not like guys in that way at all...

, a sly voice in his head whispered, but you liked it didn't you...The way he touched you...

Jun ignored the voice and walked out of the restroom firmly.


Nino leaned back, and told Sho bluntly,

"Dude, you are so screwed."

Sho refused to look at him.

"Did you think he would like it if you did that? Have you ever truly given a thought to him? Ever treated him as a proper equal?"


"No." Nino answered for him.

"You've got to stop thinking about yourself Sakurai-kun, and start thinking about others around you. You've gone and hurt an innocent boy now because of that uncaring attitude of yours."

Sho still refused to look at him.

"Fine. Think it over yourself." Nino sighed, stood up and stretched and began heading out of the room.

"If-" Sho began. Nino stopped in his tracks, without turning back.

"If- I were to change...Would he forgive me?"

Nino thought for a while.

"I'm not sure Sho-kun. I'm not sure." Then he left.


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