silverfa (silverfa) wrote,

In the Changing Room - Chapter 1

Title: In The Changing Room
Chapter Title: Trigger
Rating: ...I don't know. R?
Pairing: Sakumoto

Note: This was set many years ago, during their A Day In Our Life period, inspired by the Utaban episode where Sho complained about Jun calling him at 4am in the morning =D It's my first fic, so don't stone me, ok? XD


It was 12+ am and Arashi had just finished their Utaban recording for A Day In Our Life. Everyone was tired, and in a hurry to get back home. When Sho entered the changing room, the only one left was Matsujun, sitting on the sofa by himself, a sullen look on his face. Sho closed the door behind him and proceeded to walk into the room, changing out of his clothes as he did so.

"What's up, Matsujun?" Sho asked casually as he took off his vest. Matsujun didn't answer. Of course he won't answer, he's sulking, Sho scowled to himself.

Sho finished changing quietly by himself and then settled on the couch next to Matsujun. The boy was still in his show outfit, the striped sleeves jacket, a little too large for him, in Sho's opinion. But that and the sullen look on his pale complexion made him seem

"Aren't you going to change?"

Jun shook his head, and finally looked at Sho, throwing a fierce glare at him. Sho drew away, a little taken aback.

"Whhhatt? Issit my fault that you're like this then?" Sho asked. "Well?" Jun drew a deep breath, and all but spat at him,

"Sakurai-kun, you complained about me calling you at 4 am in the morning. Why must you do that?"

"Ehh. I thought it was pretty funny to mention it-"

"Am I really that annoying to you?" Jun cut him off.

Sho stared at the younger guy, appalled by this sudden outburst. Was he keeping this in him all along? He didn't even realise that this thin, small framed boy was capable of doing that. All along, he's always been grinning foolishly alongside Sho, going along with whatever things Sho came up with, always looking at him with shining, admiring eyes.

Now that same boy was looking at him with accusing eyes, with a tinge of pain in them. Oh my god, Sho thought, I've gone and hurt this kid. What an ass I am. I'm always taking advantage of him because he's too nice. I forgot he had feelings too.

"Look, Matsujun. I'm really sorry about that. I didn't really mean to sound that mean. It was just-"

"Hmph!" Jun snorted disbelievingly.

Sakurai Sho stared at the other guy, his heart sinking faster than a stone in water. Was he about to lose a person who had always respected and admired him? Was he about to lose one who had claimed to be his number 1 fan? He can't, absolutely can't let that happen.

"Look, I, I'm really sorry alright? Please don't stay mad at me?" Sho tried another approach, "I'll treat you to a nice dinner, okay?" He placed a hand on Jun's shoulder, shaking it gently, trying to get him to turn to face him. There was a long pause where nothing seemed to be happening, but at last, to Sho's relief, Jun turned.

"...Well..okay..." Jun said slowly, facing Sho. Sho drew his breath in sharply. His face still looked pale, but it was a beautiful translucent pale, and still mildly upset, but at least his face had gentled up a bit. And in contrast to that pale complexion, was his black hair, framing his pretty, girl-like small face, which was also blessed with pouty, kissable lips. It gave Sho a weird, warm fuzzy feeling inside him. It made him want to-


"Sakurai-kun!" Jun's horrified face was hovering only a few centimetres off his. Sho had grabbed the younger guy's shoulders, and drew closer to him, before he even realised it. Sho's eyes widened, but his grip on Jun's shoulders remained.

NO. Sho thought frantically to himself. No. I can't be-! Absolutely not! I still like girls. I know that. I love looking at girls with pretty faces, with pretty lady-like manners. But what I'm doing here... He stared at Jun, who stared back, with his wide eyes, and long eyelashes, at him, with his impossibly pale complexion, which had turned several shades whiter.

Shit. Dammit. This one is totally Jun's fault. For being sinfully pretty.

He pushed Jun down until his back made contact with the sofa, his knees on either side of Matsujun's waist, and roughly pressed his lips against Jun's. The younger guy gasped, and tried to push him off.

"N-no!" Sho ignored his protests, unbuttoning the boy's inner shirt as he brushed his lips against Jun's seductive, pale neck. With one hand cupping Jun's face, the other hand trailed slyly under Jun's shirt, teasing his abdomen.

"No! Please! Sakurai-kun!" The younger boy's cries had turned desperate, as his attempts to push the older boy off him became more and more frantic. The more he did that, the more Sho wanted him. His hand went down, into the front of Jun's pants.

Matsujun had had enough. He sank his teeth into Sho's neck, making the latter yell out in pain, and loosen his grip on Jun. Jun scrambled away from the sofa, and dashed for the door. He paused, without turning back as he said,

"Sho-kun. You bastard. I told you I'm not like that." He said it in a trembling voice, that made Sho quite certain that he was close to breaking down. Then he left the room, slamming the door as he did so.

For a long while, Sho stared at the door. He sighed, rubbed his face, then pulled his hair back in frustration.

That was the end of Matsujun's admiration for Sho, for a long, long time.

I'm not sure whether I want to continue this... thus one-shot first XD;

Tags: fic, in the changing room, sakumoto

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