silverfa (silverfa) wrote,

Final Fantasy Dimensions

I'm playing this thing on my S2. No, correction, I'm REPLAYING it on my S2, because I was playing and was completing the bard chapter when I dropped my phone for the umpteenth time. It was the last straw apparently, and the screen didn't break, but it was utterly damaged. So when I got it back from repairs, all the data was wiped out.

So now I'm knocking my head over the many dungeons and caves and levelling that I have to redo. Did I mention how much I hate Yggdrasil? Lol. =_=

But anyway, don't you just like this Ossan?



Oh sure. And my name's really Tif--

Lolz, Square. I like your random whims >_< But I hate what you do to the characters I like. I hate you.
Tags: ffd, final fantasy dimensions

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