Final Fantasy Dimensions

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Look At Me (short fluff drabble~)


You talk to the second youngest with ease, teased around with him with an overpowering demeanor, but you would not with me.

You fool around with the fun member of the group, hold him as close friends would, yet you would not with me.

You would tenderly caress our leader, touch him, hug him, spoil him, kiss him, but you would never do so with me.

The man dressed in a crisp suit observed the object that took his focus away from behind his newspapers, and clenched his fists, his chest holding back the envy that would surely flood out without control.


You would have fun sharing your love for food with our leader, embrace him, look over him with tenderness and care, yet you would not do so with me.

You always partner up with the man borne of the same year as me, play what seemed to be insignificant, but to me, distinct, games with him, however, you would not do so with me.

You share showers and laughter and joyful moments with the man that brings cheer to the group, yet you will never ever do so with me.

The mature young man, stylishly dressed for work, would sneak glances at his object of affection from afar, when he thought no one was looking; a slight, wistful feeling descends into his heart.


Look at me.


Birthday gift to myself =D Too late by an hour plus though, but oh well XD


Title: Return
Pairing: JunxSho
Author's Note: Fluff =D I was listening to Still too much. This fanfic is dedicated to Dal <3


The cherry blossoms fell on the day that person went away.

He woke up in his bed, feeling cold. He slipped out and crossed the cool tiles of his bedroom floor towards the window. The sky was cloudy, threats of rain, and the air was chilly.

And the cherry blossoms were falling.

He remembered the day 10 years ago almost as clear as it was yesterday. He didn't know that that person was going away. He had been eating breakfast when a knock came on the door. When he opened it up, that person stood there, with a smile on his face. And then he told him that he was going away.

Sho tried to remember what he had felt then. Shock? Disappointment? He had wanted to know why was it that he was not told of it until too late. That person just smiled again and didn't say a thing. And then he left, Sho still too numb to move after him. As the person walked away from his house, a small pink flower drifted down to the ground by Sho's feet.

They had been young teenagers then. They had always hung out together a lot since they were toddlers, so it pained Sho that that guy couldn't even tell him something as important as that. Did I do something wrong? Sho had wondered the first few weeks after that guy left. He didn't even leave so much as a number to call.

Sure, Sho liked to pick on the guy a lot. But he didn't do it with cruel intentions. Like when Sho was 8 and he was 7, he hid that boy's favourite toy for a whole day, he did it just to be playful. But when the boy kept crying,  had he not returned it back and apologised? And when he always pinched the boy's cheeks almost every day for as long as they had known together, he did it out of endearment because he found his little friend too adorable for words, being smaller and cuter.

The teenage Sho had thought that and could not find any fault with himself that might have caused his friend to go away.

Now that Sho is an adult, he remembered much more than that biased account he had as a teenager. 

They grew older, and he supposed that the way he had shown his affections for the boy had changed. Sho would snap at him when he was being silly and then laugh loudly by himself, or he would cut into his words, or he would make an example of him to his other friends whenever that guy made a mistake. He didn't realise that it might have hurt the boy.

He regretted that he didn't realise it then and apologise to him. Perhaps that person wouldn't have gone away then.

But that was then. It's all in the past, and all Sho holds for that boy now is fond memories. The past will never change. Even if they do ever meet again, they would not be the childhood friends they once were anymore. They would just be two strangers who once knew each other. The only thing Sho could do now was to never make a similar mistake in his life again.

At least, that was what he thought until that evening when he returned from work.

A tall, young man was leaning against the wall out his house reading a manga. He was wearing a stylish loose, long black top which reached to his knees and a pair of faded jeans. Sho tried to make out his face, wondering who it was, half-hidden underneath that cap.

He approached the stranger slowly, but his footsteps must have still been loud enough. The stranger looked up towards him.

For a tense moment, the both of them were looking at each other. Sho could see the uncertainty and doubt in the other man's eyes before he even began to recognise the face.

It was him. The chubby cheeks were gone, and his once pure and innocent eyes now bear tales of  experiences that had made him mature, but it was still him. It was still the same eyes that had looked to him once a long time ago, the same nose, the same lips.

"Sho-kun? Sakurai Sho-kun? Is that really you?" The other man asked. He looked almost as taken aback as Sho felt.

"Jun." That was all Sho managed to speak out as he stared at his once-friend.

For what seemed like a long moment, they stood, staring at each other in silence. And then, Jun broke into the smile Sho once knew so well.

"It's been a long time! I've come to see you."

On the day the cherry blossoms fell, that person came back.


Sho made Jun sit in the living room as he stepped into the kitchen to make them some tea while his family made a fuss around  the younger man. They remembered him too, and were impressed with how much he had grown.

Sho himself had taken a good long look at Jun. Jun's skin was still as fair as before, his black hair falls into place nicely on his shoulders. His eyes had a strange pull to them, pulling Sho in its depths. He had to smile. The cute, dorky boy he once knew had turned into such an attractive young man. It was amazing.

But it scared him, that the change was so drastic. Where the younger Jun had been a boisterous cheerful young boy, this adult Jun showed someone with polite manners, the grace of a feline, and a matured seriousness.

His fears were right. They had become strangers. Sho sighed and returned to the living room with the tea. As he served it, the younger man watched him and thanked him smilingly. It made Sho wonder if he remembered how badly Sho had treated him in the past.

That night, Jun stayed over. His parents had offered him to sleep in their guest room. Seeing that it was a bit too late to catch a train back home, Jun accepted. That night, Sho decided that perhaps, it was time to have a private talk with him. So, as soon as he made sure everyone else seems to be asleep, he silently moved to Jun's room and knocked on his door.

The other man opened the door, and seemed taken aback when he saw Sho standing there.

"Can I... come in?"

For a moment, there was silence. Sho could see Jun was hesitating before he opened his door wider to allow Sho to step through. Jun sat on the edge of his bed and gestured Sho to take a seat by the dressing table.

"What can I do for you Sakurai-kun?" He asked, eyes observing Sho carefully. Sho took a deep breath, running through what he wanted to say once more in his head.

"It's- It's about last time. That you went away without telling me beforehand-"

"I apologise for that." Jun cut him off shortly, and Sho knew he didn't want to say anything more. Still Sho pushed, he wanted to resolve everything that he could now that there was a chance to.

"No, I just wanted to ask, whether it was my fault?" He dared to look into Jun's eyes as he said that. The man was looking at him, with eyes gleaming. He didn't seem happy at all with what Sho had brought up.

"What makes you say that?" Jun asked quietly.

"Well, If I think back carefully, I've been mean to you and-"

"Yes you were."

Sho looked down, he was right after all. It was his fault. In a way, he was disappointed but in a way, he was relieved because he finally found out the answer.

"So then, I just wanted to apol-"

"I think you should go back to your room, Sakurai-san." His voice was hard and cold. Sho bit his lower lip, and stood up to face Jun determinedly. The younger man was looking at him with eyes that matched his voice.

"Just let me say sor-"

"Please get out."

"Look! It's not going to be over if we don't settle this-"

Jun moved so swiftly that Sho didn't know what was happening until it happened. He was slammed against the wall and his arms were pressed to his sides, gripped by strong, slender hands. Soft lips were  pressed against his, and the time went still for a moment. Sho could feel the man's body so close to his, so warm.

The shock of the impact to the wall and the kiss stopped him from being able to think. All he knew was that his heart had begun to beat faster, his knees had suddenly grown weaker and that he couldn't refuse Jun. Subconsciously, he allowed Jun to enter and explore his mouth, returning the younger man's advances instinctively.

When they finally broke away, panting slightly, Jun said to him,

"THAT was why I agreed to go away with my father when he had a job transfer. Not because of some silly reason like you were mean. Understood?"

Sho was still pressed against the wall, too breathless to speak, and just nodded.

"Good." And Jun went back in for more.


The next morning, because it was his turn to make up the beds, his younger brother was surprised to see that Sho's bed seemed to be untouched for the night.

Number 1 Fan (Drabble)

Drabble for the Sakumoto comm that I wrote a while back


"So, Seishiro-kun, I hear that you are a big fan of Sakurai Sho from Arashi," the tall nice-looking lady interview asked the boy with a smile as they sat across each other.

"Yes! It's an honor for me to be invited on their show today. I've been watching their shows a lot!" Seishiro replied, beaming at the interviewer.

"And you'd like to grow up to be like Sakurai Sho right?"

"Yup! I'm his number 1 fan ever! I don't think he has any other guy fans who like him as much as I do-"


The interview wrapped up very shortly after that last statement, and the promising child actor, Kato Seishiro, got up and exited the room in search of his manager.

As soon as he got out of the room, he felt someone rap on his head.
Not in an unkind manner, he felt, rather, it was more like a stern, strict feeling, something like that of an older brother who'd scold you if you did something wrong. That person said,

"Too naive, kid."

Before the boy could protest or say anything at all, the person had walked away.

Seishiro turned around in time, to his puzzlement, to see Arashi's Matsumoto Jun walk around the corner.